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  • Lauryn Hill
    To Zion
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  • DJ Raff
    Latino N' Proud
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  • beautifulsouthasianbrides:

Outfit by:Zainab Chottani (Bridal)
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  • cats-and-cardigans asked : You're seeing Shreya Ghosal?? You're so lucky!

    yeah my mom just got tickets for her Chicago show!!

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  • hana—del—rey:



Mughal miniature inspired wedding card.
on zazzle

Oh I love this
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  • Shreya Ghosal
    सिलसिला यह चाहत का
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  • themindislimitless:

[A series of three images of two women progressively getting older, each holding a sign that remains consistent: the one on the left reading “I am a Palestinian Arab. I was born in Jerusalem. Palestine is my homeland, but I cannot return there” (except in the third it reads “I still cannot return there”). The women on the right holds a poster reading “I am an American Jew. I as born in the U.S.A.. Israel is notmy homeland, but I can “return” there”.]
That’s Ghada Karmi (Palestinian Arab) and Ellen Siegel (American Jew), and the first picture of of them protesting outside the Israeli Embassy in London, 1973. Recurring images are of them reuniting for these photographs after 40 (?) years of friendship. [x]
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  • Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Farah
    Mein Tenu Samjhawan Ki
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  • agnesaug:

The one dance form i loved with all my heart..
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  • sunoaisha:

Nomi Ansari’s Rang Mahal Collection 2014
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